Recording Services

The studio is located in a turn of the century home in a residential district in Athens, Georgia. Visitors have described it as a very welcoming, homey environment. Its central location in Athens makes it very accessible to nearby hotels, restaurants, and the downtown music scene.

What do we do here? The studio is mainly used for recording projects that I'm involved in, although I do make it available to third parties from time to time. I work on a variety of different types of projects, from rock bands to singer/songwriters. Generally, people come to my studio because they've liked other records I've done and are looking for a similar production style. Although I don't limit myself to any particular genre of music, I do tend to gravitate towards situations that involve live musicians playing playing together.

My services tend to be tailored to the needs of the artist. Some of the projects I do are full-on record productions for major and indie labels where I might spend several weeks working on an album. I've worked on many DIY projects for bands or artists who are self-financed through Kickstarter programs or other means, who may only want to spend a few days in the studio.

Many of the bands I work with are self-contained and want to record mostly live with as few overdubs as possible. At the other end of the spectrum, I sometimes work with artists who want me to spend some time working on their music in pre-production, helping with song arrangements and putting together a rhythm section, horns, strings, etc., from the vast pool of talented Athens musicians. These projects are fun for me in a different way, because I enjoy building arrangements from the ground up and often end up playing guitar, bass, pedal steel, or whatever might be needed for the project.

Many of my clients start their projects in their own home studios and bring them in for help with final touches and mixing or mastering. While I don't tout myself as a mastering engineer, I do master a lot of the records I work on, and I master a lot of projects for bands who don't have the budget to go to a dedicated mastering facility.

Occasionally an artist will send me a song they're working on and ask me to add guitar, pedal steel or background vocals,which I am always happy to do, providing it's something I feel I can make a useful contribution to. Although I do work mostly out of my own studio, I'm not averse to traveling to outside studios to work on recording projects.